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Terms of Use

This content of our Terms of Use will offer you a summary of the terms that apply to the use of our mobile app “CryptoChanger”. Your Welcome to our mobile app “CryptoChanger”. We will provide you with a kind of service that allows you to exchange BTC, ETH, XRP, BCC, XMR, ZEC, DASH, STR, LTC, DOGE and many more crypto currencies in the best quality exchange rate on our mobile app.

You will have to agree to our term of use before using our mobile app “CryptoChanger”. And also we will like you to read the terms carefully, and also after going through it carefully if in anyway you do not agree with our terms and conditions you may not use our Exchange rate service.
We will also like to make it clear that we have the right to utter some changes to our mobile app, and also to our use of terms and policies at any needed time. All the summary of this pages on term of use on our mobile app is for your general information use only and it is subject to be changed at any time without any notice.
In case there is a loss in any way while working with our exchange rate service our company will not take any responsibility for the loss .If a loss occur which is cause by the third party activities it has to be take care by the user.

Furthermore for any exchange rate service on Our mobile app, an exchange fee will be charged for the service been used. The percentage of the service being charged is up to 2.5% out of the transaction volume. The fees been charged can be subjected to a agreeable unsteadiness of some mathematical rounding.

You have to check your payment details before making any transaction because our website those not cancel any transaction made by you, So therefore mobile app will not be hold account for any of your coins once they have been sent to the wallet.

Some times downtime and maintenance may be required and also our mobile app does not give the guarantee of uptime exchange.

We can use any of your content for advertisement, marketing or for any purpose by our mobile app because, It has become a part of our public domain as long at any of your content remains on our mobile app which means you have granted us a worldwide authority or license to use your content by uploading or sharing them on our mobile app.