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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy on our mobile app governs the manner in which our mobile app (CryptoChanger) gather, maintains and uses and also publish information gathered from our users which make use of our mobile app (CryptoChanger). In order to provide you with our Services, we might be in need of some of your personal data and most times obliged by the law.

We protect any information provided to us by our client and also we are fully committed to respecting your privacy on our mobile app (CryptoChanger). We make sure all information provided by you to us is protected cause Your security and privacy are both our highest priorities. We design our Privacy policy to get you informed about our terms of treating our user’s personal data.

Individual Information
You do not need to register on mobile app in order to access the full ability of mobile app (CryptoChanger). You can also choose to contact us through our mobile app using any of your accounts on the social network such as, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or email address.

Record Collection
Our software will start collecting your non-personal Identification information right from the moment you start to use our mobile app. Those information collected may as well include your technical information and names, in particular about your means of connection to our Mobile app the operating system and the Internet service providers used among other likely information.

The Use of Collected Information
We may contact you from time to time through the email address provided by you while contacting on our mobile app by support form. We ask for your opinion about our mobile app for security reasons, we also make use of the information to upgrade our user’s service and respond to their needs effectively.

We aim to protect your information as much as possible, we also protect our own network and information also. We do not allow any direct connection from the third party on an uninvited or not welcome basis in relation to their own services. Personal identification information of yours are not trade, sell or rent to others. To keep your personal information safe we do take Some Certain security measures, but this does not guarantee that it will stop any user who tries to get around the security settings on the Website through an illegal activity.

Changes to the Policy
There can be changes to our policies at any time without any notice. In order to be aware of any changes, we may have made We implore you to review it periodically. It, however, your responsibility to Read it carefully and checking for any modifications. You have agreed to our Policy and terms of use By using our mobile app (CryptoChanger).

You can contact us on our mobile app (CryptoChanger) by support form. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the rules of conduct. Thank you.