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Under the trading name CryptoChanger. (hereinafter “The Provider” or “CryptoChanger”) provides you with trading pattern closely related to virtual currencies .

CryptoChanger (Domain name: as a business service provider.

Risk Disclaimer
You should accept and understand that any person who exchange crypto currency with CryptoChanger virtual currencies does not have any shape and have no legal tender or any form of defence or rules and regulation by any governmental body. Increasing the option of total loss, the worth of these virtual currencies is speculative and Extremely volatile.

Loss of confidence , speculative movements, and bubbles which is likely to have affect on virtual currencies,which may result to the quick changes in their market worth. No form of defence is warrant by the Platform and the Provider from any losses independently of their reasons, and act solely as an intermediary bringing altogether sellers and buyers.

No right is given to converting it into a national currency by just possessing a virtual currency. And also the guarantee this will always be possible is low. For virtual currencies, users should have the understanding that there is no idea of pure market price. However, before getting involved into any of our trading activities involving virtual currencies, we do advice our users to assess their capital situation carefully.

Virtual Currencies Policy
Our mobile app “CryptoChanger” do provides withdrawals and accepts deposits in crypto currencies only. However, CryptoChanger substitute the right to suspend withdrawals and decline any deposit which its compliance and risk management goods provider has determine to be the arise of discovering of questionable activities example criminal activity, money-laundering or any other form of infringement of its compliance guidelines.